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Book of Joshua Leadership

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If you were to make a list of the best leaders in the Bible, Joshua is most certainly near the top, not far behind Jesus, Moses, and David. In fact, Joshua is connected to each of these leaders. Moses, Joshua, and David are all precursors to Jesus, whom Christianity considers the ultimate of leaders. But how effective is Joshua as a leader? Does he inspire the Israelites to better themselves, or does he barely keep them afloat? And do the failings of the Israelites fall on them or on Joshua?

Questions About Leadership

  1. If you became responsible for Joshua's leadership campaign, what qualities does he possess that you would promote? Which qualities would you conceal?
  2. Make a list of all the leaders in your life. Which people do you admire the most? Do you have one person who'd you follow anywhere?
  3. Joshua is compared to Moses numerous times in the text. In which ways are they similar? In which are they different?
  4. Being a good leader means motivating your followers. How did Joshua motivate the people around him? How does God motivate Joshua?

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