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Book of Judges Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

The Danites Steal Micah's Silver Gods And His Levite Priest

  • In these lawless circumstances, a group of Danites are looking for a place to settle down with their families.
  • They send out 5 strong men to find a suitable spot.
  • While they're in Micah's town, they recognize his Levite priest, whom they'd bumped into before.
  • When they see that he's become a priest, they ask him to counsel with God to see where they should go to find a home.
  • The Levite tells them that God will help them.
  • They find a really nice, spacious, secure city called Laish whose people don't guard it very well.
  • The spies decide that this is the place for them, and they return to their families and gather 600 warriors.
  • On their way to conquer Laish, they pass near Micah's house.
  • The 5 spies go with their army to say hi to their Levite friend.
  • While they're there, they decide to steal Micah's idols.
  • They also convince their pal to leave Micah's house and be their priest instead.
  • As they're making off like bandits, Micah and his pals chase them.
  • But "Micah saw that they were too strong for him," so he went back home (KJV 18:26).
  • The Danites conquer Laish and move in. With no king or judges, there's no one to stop them.

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