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Book of Judges Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

Israel Destroys Benjamin For That Awful Business Back In Chapter 19

  • All of Israel (except the Benjamites) gathers to discuss this horrific affair.
  • The Levite husband tells his story, and Israel decides to kill the men of Gibeah who did the deed.
  • They demand that the tribe of Benjamin give up the guilty men in Gibeah, but Benjamin refuses.
  • This means war.
  • Israel gathers a huge posse, including 700 left-handed soldiers who could sling stones with devastating accuracy. If Judges teaches us anything, it's don't mess with lefties.
  • But Benjamin defeats Israel in their first huge battle.
  • Israel's worried, so they ask the Lord if they should continue the war.
  • The Lord promises that tomorrow he'll deliver Benjamin into Israel's hands.
  • In the next battle, Israel hides part of their army around Gibeah.
  • Other soldiers draw Benjamin's army out of the city, and Benjamin chases them into the highways and fields outside the city.
  • Meanwhile, the hidden warriors around Gibeah come out and ransack the city.
  • When the Benjamites catch up to the Israelites, they fight hard, but get driven back by Israel.
  • The Israelites in Gibeah start a huge fire to signal to their army that they've taken the city.
  • The Benjamites realize that they've been duped, and try to run into the wilderness, but the Israelites slaughter them.
  • Only 600 Benjamites escape into the wilderness to a place called the rock of Rimmon.
  • Israel's army continues its war against Benjamin, killing every man and beast and burning every Benjamite city.

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