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Book of Judges Betrayal

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If you ever happen to find yourself in the Book of Judges, you'd better watch your back. There are traitors everywhere. Don't accept any gifts, go in anyone else's tent, or let your half-brother come over for a friendly visit. Oh—and definitely don't fall in love. Because these traitors are just waiting until you've given them your trust to turn around and cut out your heart. Of course, as with basically everything in Judges, each betrayal can be understood as symbolizing Israel's breach of the trust God gave them through the covenant.

Questions About Betrayal

  1. Judges is like the betrayal Olympics. Who wins gold, silver, and bronze?
  2. What insights do you gain when you find each instance of betrayal and substitute "Israel" as the betrayer and "God" as the betrayed? What about vice versa?
  3. How many characters can you find in Judges who are actually trustworthy?
  4. How many different categories of betrayal can you find in Judges?

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