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Book of Numbers Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Spies Like Them

  • Moses decides to send some spies ahead to check out this awesome little piece of land that God has promised them. What's it like there? And how many people are they gonna have to fight to take control of it?
  • Moses sends twelve guys (one from each tribe)—including two standouts, Joshua and Caleb—to see what the deal is with this land of plenty.
  • After forty days, the spies return and report that the land is indeed all that and a bag of chips. And milk and honey.
  • But it's also occupied by a whole bunch of other people who seem pretty happy to be living there. And also really strong and numerous. Things are not looking good.
  • For his part, Caleb thinks they can take these guys out pretty easily.
  • The other spies don't agree and they tell everyone that this land is overrun with giant burly dudes who could totally take them down in a fight. Oh no.

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