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Book of Numbers Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

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  • One day, God has an idea about how to settle all this squabbling. This should be good…
  • He tells Moses to have one man from each of the twelve tribes bring a staff to the tabernacle (make sure that Aaron is the one who goes from the tribe of Levi). The man whose staff "sprouts" will be the one that God chooses as leader. Sounds simple enough.
  • Everyone follows God's orders and sure, enough, the next day, Aaron's staff is all blossoming with flowers and delicious almonds. Tasty.
  • Moses brings the staffs out and shows them to the other men.
  • See, he says. This is a warning. Now respect my authority or else God is gonna smite you something awful.
  • God tells Moses to put the staff inside the tabernacle as a sign of Aaron's authority.
  • Naturally, the people start freaking out and worrying that God's gonna destroy them. Well, that is his plan… eventually.

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