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Book of Numbers Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Setting Up Camp

  • God then gets really specific about the sleeping arrangements.
  • He tells the people they need to set up camp so that the tabernacle is in the center of everyone and people from each of the twelve tribes are living around it.
  • On each of the four sides, there will be three tribes. Check out this chart for details on the camping arrangements. God runs a really tight ship.
  • The Big Guy also names the order that the Israelites will set out on their journey in. First, the tribes to the east, then the ones to the south, next the Levites who will be schlepping the tabernacle to the Promised Land, then the tribes on the west, and finally, the guys living on the north side.
  • Everyone is in "regiments" and "companies," which implies that they are battle-ready. So, bring it bad guys. God's got this war thing down to a science.
  • Again, the Israelites follow all God's commands. Wow, this is all going along so smoothly. Promised Land here we come!

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