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Book of Numbers Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

Top It All Off With A Curse

  • So, what does Balaam do at this new place? Surprise, surprise—he blesses Israel… and curses King Balak. Snap!
  • By this point, King Balak is fuming. What the schmoop, Balaam?! You just blessed my enemies three times! Are you some kind of moron?! Just think—you coulda been rich if you weren't so busy following God and all that junk.
  • In my defense, Balaam tells him, I did tell you I couldn't go against God. Plus, you're the dummy who kept running around building altars.
  • So, Balaam offers Balak one last prediction. He tells him that Israel is going to utterly crush him and anyone else who opposes them.
  • Why? Because they've got God on their side.
  • Balaam also sees a fierce military leader rising up out of Israel. Who could this mystery man be?
  • After all this Balaam decides to head home. King Balak "also went on his way." Better luck next time, Balak.

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