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Book of Numbers Chapter 27

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Chapter 27

Five Ancient Feminists

  • So, everyone has been counted and all the land has been passed out. Everyone happy? Okay, then let's go home and make some waffles.
  • Ah, not so fast. The daughters of Zelophehad are not too thrilled with the land arrangement. When their father died, he had five daughters, but no sons. And because they don't have penises, the ladies can't inherit any land through their father's name. Have these girls been reading Pride and Prejudice?
  • So, the daughters take this up with Moses and he consults with God who, surprisingly, agrees with the ladies. It's only fair that they should get some land. God says that they can take a share of what their uncles have.
  • God also says that anytime a man dies and has no son, that his property should pass to his daughter.
  • Feminists everywhere rejoice!

Joshua Takes The Reins

  • Later, Moses mentions that God should appoint a new leader for the people. Apparently, Moses is getting old. Plus, God already told him he wasn't gonna reach the Promised Land. These Israelites are gonna need someone to help them on the last leg of this wilderness adventure.
  • God suggests Joshua. He tells Moses to have Joshua stand in front of the whole community. Then, Moses can lay his hands on his and give him some (but not all) of his power and authority.
  • All in all, it's a pretty good day for Joshua.

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