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Book of Numbers Chapter 28

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Chapter 28

Celebrate God Times!

  • Now, God decides to lay out some rules for offerings and for how the Israelites can go about celebrating him throughout the year. How kind.
  • God gives a bunch of guidelines for the kinds of offerings you can bring him every day. Lambs? Grain? Drinks? It's all good. As long as it gives off a "pleasing odor." (But really, does burning lamb smell that great?)
  • He also has more details for offerings on the Sabbath. Also, info on monthly offerings, which happen during the New Moon. No word on what offerings God likes most at twilight, during an eclipse, or while breaking dawn.
  • Then, God fills us in on what to do for Passover. Eat unleavened bread for seven days. Don't work on the first and last day. Oh, and offerings. Lots and lots of offerings.
  • How about Shavuot? More days off work (sweet!) and more super smelling burnt offerings. This whole celebrating the Lord thing is turning out pretty great!

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