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Book of Numbers Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

Going Over The Borderlines

  • Again, God gives Moses some instructions for just what's gonna happen when they finally set foot in the Promised Land.
  • God lays out the borders for the Promised Land and it's pretty impressive. (A little too impressive. It seems that, historically, Israel never occupied that much space [Source 133]. But hey, God can dream can't he?) Check out a map for the full details.
  • Basically, this land belongs to all the Israelites. Except for the ones from the tribe of Reuben, Gad, and half the guys from Manasseh's tribe. They're gonna get some nice cattle-grazing land east of the Promised Land. As agreed.
  • Then, God chooses Eleazar and Joshua to head the whole dividing-up-the-land project. He also tells them to take one guy from every tribe to help with the task. That sounds pretty fair.
  • Ready to set foot in the Promised Land now? We've been waiting for this forever!

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