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Book of Numbers Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

It's Tabernacle Ribbon-Cutting Day

  • Okay, it's time for a flashback! About a month ago, on the day that Moses finished the tabernacle (which was actually way back in Exodus 40), the leaders of the twelve tribes brought all kinds of goodies for it. Mainly wagons and oxen. Right. Just what the tabernacle always wanted. Not.
  • Wait! Don't break out the gift receipts just yet. These offerings will be handy when it comes time to move this huge holy tent. Ah, smart thinking, twelve tribes of Israel!
  • So, Moses divides up the wagons and oxen among the Levites. Except the Kohathites. They don't get any. Apparently, all the special holy things from inside the tabernacle just have to be carried by hand, so no oxen for you. And if you touch or look at one, you die, remember? That job is looking worse and worse.
  • Then, one by one, each of the leaders of each of the twelve tribes present their own offerings for the dedication of the tabernacle. Each of the tribes gets its own offering day.
  • On the first day, Judah brings a silver plate and silver basin filled with flour, a golden dish of incense, a young bull, a young ram, a male lamb, a male goat, two oxen, five rams, five male goats, and five male lambs. What a haul.
  • On the second day, the leader of Issachar brings… the same exact thing. Whoa, how embarrassing.
  • On the third day… same thing. This goes on for each of the tribes, until on the twelfth day of dedication, the leader of the Naphtalites gives to the Lord… the exact same thing as every other Israelite.
  • But far from being a gifting nightmare, these identical offerings show the oneness and unity of Israel. You go, ancient Hebrews!
  • After all this, Moses goes inside the tabernacle and hears God's voice speaking to him from the seat above the Ark of the Covenant.
  • Oh, do tell, Moses…

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