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Book of Numbers Community

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No man is an island. We're all in this together. You can't eat just one. For the ancient Israelites, these were more than feel-good mottos (and catchy invitations to eat potato chips). Being part of a group was a way of life. Each individual person's identity came from his or her place in the group. And when someone committed a personal sin, it could spill over into the community and affect everyone. No worries. God's got some rules to keep everyone in line and living together in harmony. Kumbaya.

Questions About Community

  1. Why is God so concerned with individual sin? Do our personal actions really affect the people around us?
  2. Describe God's relationship to the Israelite community. Is he like a friend? A parent? A teacher? Something else?
  3. Why are so many laws concerned with keeping order in the community? Can a large group function without rules?

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