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Book of Numbers Justice & Judgment

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Justice & Judgment

One of the perks of creating a universe is that you get to be in charge. That means you can set rules for the people you made (from clay… which isn't easy). And if the people break those rules? Well, you also conveniently happen to be judge, jury, and executioner. In Numbers, God doles out divine justice for law-breakers nearly every other page. But it's not just because he's some big meanie who likes to see us suffer. God wants his people to trust in him and know that he's with them. When they start to doubt this… well, that's when bad things happen. Poisonous snakes, anyone?

Questions About Justice & Judgment

  1. Do you think God's judgments are too harsh? Or does the punishment fit the crime?
  2. Why does God demand so much of his people?
  3. Why do the people keep sinning? Don't they know they're about to get smited?
  4. Imagine you're God. Would you rather be feared or loved?

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