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Corinthians 1 Corinthians: Chapter 5

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1 Corinthians: Chapter 5

Fifty Shades of Corinth

  • Speaking of doing bad stuff, Paul's been hearing some rumors. There's some steamy stuff going on in the bedroom, and he doesn't like it.
  • He's heard that some guy is getting it on with his stepmom. Gross. It also happens to be against Jewish and Roman law (source).
  • Paul is annoyed that the Corinthians still have this guy hanging around. He needs to be kicked out of the church—pronto.
  • Paul wishes he were there in person so he could help, but never fear, all, he's there in Spirit. And he has so passed judgment on this guy in Spirit.
  • This dude should be forced to live the rest of his life outside of the church. Basically, they're gonna throw him to Satan. Maybe if he suffers enough, God will save him in the end. Who knows though? And who cares—right, Paul?

A Little Yeast

  • Paul is extremely annoyed at the Corinthians' lax attitude about this stuff.
  • Don't they know that even a little yeast can make bread dough rise? Translation: one bad person can ruin a whole church.
  • It's time to clean those mixing bowls and start a new batch of dough. We're living in Passover times, y'all! Jesus is the lamb that has been slaughtered, so start acting like it!
  • Paul thinks they need to be celebrating with some nice pure unleavened bread, not letting that evil yeast creep into their midst. Harsh words, Paul.

Rules for Being a Christian

  • Paul says that he wrote to the church before and told them not to have anything to do with immoral people. Of course, they misunderstood this.
  • It would be kind of impossible not to associate with anyone who had a history of doing bad things. You'd have to stop going outside your house.
  • What he meant was, don't associate with other Christians who are immoral. Oh, good clarification.
  • How do you know a fellow Christian is super-bad like this? Well, are they sexually immoral? Are they greedy? Are they an idolater?
  • Do they verbally abuse others? Are they drunks? Are they thieves? Then you can just cross them off your list.
  • Get them out of the church. Judge the heck out of them. (Hey, wait, Paul… didn't you just tell the Corinthians not to judge a little bit ago? Oh, never mind…)

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