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Corinthians 1 Corinthians: Chapter 8

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1 Corinthians: Chapter 8

Meaty Issues

  • Now Paul turns to another important question: is it okay for Christians to eat meat that has been sacrificed to Roman gods? Okay, this is a thorny issue…
  • The Corinthians have told him that they think this is fine. After all, there's only one God and one Jesus, so those other gods aren't even real. No gods, no foul, right?
  • Yeah, Paul tells them, that's pretty much right—but they shouldn't get too high and mighty about it. Go on…
  • Even though they're right about those gods not existing, not all Christians fully understand this yet. Hey, there will always be slow learners in any group.
  • There might be Corinthian Christians out there who still believe these gods are real. That means they're actually committing idolatry in their hearts when they eat this sacrificed meat. And everyone knows that God does not like idolatry.
  • So, Paul concludes, it really isn't the best idea to tell everyone to help themselves to the Roman buffets just yet.
  • In fact, he kind of wishes that everyone would just swear off this meat—like he does—so that they could all stop arguing about it. What's better? Having a little bacon everyone now and then or hurting your fellow Christians? (Hint: the answer is not bacon.)

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