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Corinthians 2 Corinthians: Chapter 1

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2 Corinthians: Chapter 1

Intro: Part Deux

  • Hey there, Corinthians. It's Paul again. Did you miss him?
  • This time Paul tells everyone that he's the one writing, but that he's also got his fellow apostle, Timothy, with him to help advise. Two is better than one, we guess.
  • Paul starts by giving thanks for the Corinthians. Nice one, Paul. Butter them up.
  • He tells them that God has been there for him while they were all getting their butts kicked (figuratively, of course).
  • Paul also makes reference to a scary incident in Asia. He and some friends almost died. Yikes!
  • But, luckily, God saved them in the nick of time. Just like he does every time. Well, almost every time.
  • Paul wants the Corinthians to know that he's about to give them some blunt, but sincere advice. So keep that in mind.

He Never Visits Anymore

  • Paul knows the Corinthians are a tiny bit mad at him because he said he was going to visit, but didn't.
  • It's not like Paul did this for his own selfish reasons though. He's on God's time. And God's watch can get a little quirky sometimes.
  • No worries, though, because all God's promises will eventually be fulfilled. So is Paul going crash in their guest room next week or not?

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