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Corinthians 2 Corinthians: Chapter 4

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2 Corinthians: Chapter 4

Paul Is A Slave for You

  • Paul hasn't lost heart, though.
  • He isn't like some of these so-called apostles in Corinth. He doesn't lie. He doesn't tell fibs when it comes to God's word. He just brings the truth.
  • Unlike the false apostles out there, Paul doesn't just talk about himself all the time (he doesn't?). He stays focused on Jesus. Keep your eyes on the ball, Paul.
  • Paul is totally a slave for Jesus… and you.

Jars of Clay

  • True apostles are fragile. It's like God has put his "treasure in clay jars." Those jars are breakable, but God always catches them before they fall. Hmmm… doesn't seem like the best plan.
  • Apostles have to suffer. It's part of their job description. But they don't let that get them down. Sure, they get knocked down (or nearly beheaded), but they get up again.
  • They suffer like Jesus did on the cross. Then they can show off God's glory. WWJD, indeed.
  • A real apostle brings the truth, no matter what the cost. He believes in God's word and he speaks it. Those are his credentials. That's how he proves he's the real deal.
  • Trust Paul: he's doing this all for you, Corinthians. He's putting himself through the ringer so that he can show off the goodness of God.
  • We guess that makes sense.
  • Paul also knows that these trials now are going to pay off big time when he's dead and gone. Yeah, we're guessing Paul gets a primo seat in Heaven.

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