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Corinthians 2 Corinthians: Chapter 8

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2 Corinthians: Chapter 8

It's Money Time!

  • Now Paul comes to the important part—asking for money. It's usually best to leave that until you've sufficiently praised your audience. Nice work, Paul.
  • Though he mentioned it before in 1 Corinthians, Paul is still after the people of Corinth to open their pocketbooks for the fund he is taking up for Christians in Jerusalem. Way to dodge the collection basket, Corinthians.
  • Paul praises the Christians in Macedonia. It seems even though they don't have a ton of money, they gave very generously to the collection. Hint, hint, Corinth.
  • Now, Paul has asked Titus to return to Corinth to collect some cash.
  • Paul lays it on thick here. The Corinthians are great at everything: they're faithful, they speak well, they're knowledgeable, eager, and loving. Now they just have to add "generous" to that list.
  • Just think of Jesus. In reality, he was rich, but he gave up everything and became poor so that the whole world could become rich. Nice guy, huh?
  • But Paul's not telling the Corinthians that they should give up everything. Nope. Just that they should give what they can. If there's money they can spare (and he knows there is) they should give it.
  • Right now, the Corinthians have a surplus of money. Other Christians need that money. Paul just wants there to be a "fair balance." Oh, Paul favors redistribution of wealth, apparently.
  • So expect Titus, Corinthians. Along with two other Christian guys (who Paul doesn't name).
  • One of these guys has been appointed by various churches to act as a kind of overseer for the fund. That's just in case you were wondering if Paul's skimming a little off the top for himself. He's not.
  • So welcome them all. And please, give generously!

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