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Corinthians Authority

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Who's got the power? Well, if you ask Paul… it's Paul. He's an apostle—one who is sent—and the founder of the church in Corinth, so that means he gets to speak on behalf of God. He even claims that his instructions for what the church ought to be doing come from the Big Guy himself. We know what you're thinking—he's so humble.

Questions About Authority

  1. How does Paul's insistence on his own authority conflict with his desire to be humble?
  2. Is Paul putting himself in God's place through his claim of authority?
  3. What do you think it would be like to meet Paul in person? Would he seem powerful or meek?
  4. What gave Paul authority: his assertion that he saw the Risen Christ or his founding of the church in Corinth? Or are there other things? Or does he really not have a leg to stand on?

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