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Corinthians Love

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Love is patient, love is… wait a second, we've heard that before. At every wedding we've ever been to. Why? Well, because Paul's thoughts on love are pure poetry. But he isn't just talking about a summer crush or even the sweet, sweet love we all feel for Ryan Gosling. Paul basically thinks that love should encompass our entire lives. It's like we should all be walking around wearing bracelets that say WWLD (What Would Love Do?). If you think of everything you do in terms of love, you'll never let anyone down. Yeah, it's a tall order, but Paul wants everyone to give it a shot.

Questions About Love

  1. Why does Paul prefer love over knowledge and wisdom?
  2. Paul thinks of love as a duty—love God and love your apostle. But is love really love if we're obligated to be doing it?
  3. Is the love that Paul is talking about love for an individual or love for a community? Or both?

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