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Corinthians Weakness

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Weakness is the worst, right? Who wouldn't rather be powerful, important, and impressive? Well, Paul for one. His favorite pastime is bragging about how lowly and weak he is. And it makes sense when you think about his main man, Jesus. See, Jesus was a peasant who went on to be crucified as a common criminal. Not exactly a man of power and might. But—twist ending!—Jesus turned it all around. And Paul's pretty anxious to walk in his lowly footsteps.

Questions About Weakness

  1. How does Paul's idea of Jesus shape his thoughts about weakness?
  2. Do you think Paul was as unimpressive as he says? Or is that just a clever humble brag?
  3. Why is Paul constantly finding himself in dangerous situations?
  4. How would God be different if he favored the strong instead of the weak?

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