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Ephesians and Colossians Colossians: Chapter 1

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Colossians: Chapter 1

Hello Again

  • Hey, there! Paul again! This time he's writing to a group of Christians in Colossae (which was located in what's now Turkey) with his friend and co-author, Timothy. Though, who are we kidding? Paul's totally running this show.
  • So what's he got to say this time?
  • Oddly enough, a lot of the same stuff he said to the Ephesians.
  • He starts out by thanking God for the Colossians. High fives, guys!
  • They know the truth about Jesus and they're living good Christian lives because of it.
  • See, they found out about Jesus from this guy named Epaphras. He's told Paul all about his little students in Colossae. It was a good report.
  • Paul still prays for them that they'll be strong in faith and keep growing and learning about God. Knowledge is (spiritual) power.
  • God rescued all his followers from a life lived in sin and darkness. Now they're forgiven and hanging with God in his amazing kingdom. Not too shabby.

What Wouldn't Jesus Do?

  • All this happened because of Jesus. He's sort of a big deal.
  • Jesus is the physical image of God, who is invisible. He helped the Big Guy when he was creating the world. An extra set of hands is always nice.
  • Everything that exists was created through Jesus and for Jesus. He's more important than every single thing and his very existence holds all of creation together. If the church is like a human body, Jesus is totally the brains, says Paul.
  • He's always first in everything. He was also the first to die. Well, to die on a cross to save all humanity. Because of that God wiped the slate clean with humans and started over fresh.
  • Jesus also has many leather bound books and his apartment smells of rich mahogany.
  • But seriously, Jesus is probably the most important and interesting guy in all of creation, based on how Paul's describing him.
  • Christians owe Jesus one because they were at odds with God until he died. Now God has forgotten all about their sinful ways. He'll let bygones be bygones.
  • And as long as they keep the faith, Christians can keep these good times with God going. All they need to do is believe the stuff that Paul's told them. Easy peasy!

Orange Is the New Paul

  • Just like in his letter to the Ephesians, Paul's in prison while he's writing this little note.
  • But don't cry for him, Colossae!
  • All his struggles are for something greater than him. He's fighting the good fight for Jesus and to spread God's word around the Roman Empire.
  • God chose Paul to tell all this stuff to Gentiles and help them to come over to the light side of the Force. So Paul's not worried. Even if he has to rot in jail, he's cool with it because God approves.

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