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Ephesians and Colossians Colossians: Chapter 4

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Colossians: Chapter 4

Don't Forget…

  • Oops! One little leftover from the previous chapter got tucked into this one:
  • Masters need to treat their slaves fairly. God is watching.

They Need to Pray

  • Aside from keeping a household structure that's totally conformed with 1st-century Roman life, what else are Christians supposed to do?
  • Well, pray.
  • Thank God in prayer. And pray that Paul gets out of prison soon. Seriously, the food in the slammer is terrible.
  • They also need to be smart when it comes to non-believers. A Christian certainly can't deny the truth about Jesus, but that doesn't mean he or she has to stir up trouble.
  • In other words, pick your battles very carefully.

Friends of Yours, Paul?

  • Paul is sending along this letter with his friend Tychicus (you may remember him from such biblical letters as Ephesians). He's gonna give the Colossians all the updates on Paul. No worries.
  • Tychicus is also coming with Onesimus (you'll also see his name in the Epistle to Philemon).
  • Aristarchus sends his best wishes from lock up. Barnabas's cousin, Mark, does, too. Jesus (who people call Justus, probably so he doesn't get confused with the way more important Jesus in Paul's life) also says hi! These three dudes are Jewish-Christians, and Paul's been really glad to have them around.
  • Epaphras, who's a Gentile-Christian, is hanging out, too. He's the one who founded the church in Colossae, so he's really hoping things work out there.
  • Luke and Demas say howdy, too.
  • Paul wants them to pass along his best to everyone in Laodicea. Especially Nympha (she hosted church in her house).
  • Once this letter has made the rounds in Colossae, they can send it onto the churches in Laodicea. Everyone gets a taste of Paul's goodness.
  • Paul ends the letter by signing his own farewell. He tells his readers to "remember my chains." Not as catchy as kthxbai, but it's totally Paul's style.

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