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Ephesians and Colossians Ephesians: Chapter 1

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Ephesians: Chapter 1

Hi, My Name is Paul

  • Paul here, writing to some folks in the Christian church in Ephesus (which was part of modern-day Turkey). What up, y'all?
  • So what should we talk about? Butterflies? Trees? Nope. Let's talk about God.
  • The Almighty is pretty awesome, says Paul.
  • For starters, he gave the world Jesus. He also handpicked Christians to be faithful followers of J.C. and adopted them as his kids.
  • God also passed on his grace and goodness. And because Jesus died, God opened the door for everyone in the world to be redeemed and forgiven for all kinds of bad stuff.
  • The Big Guy has also let Christians in on all kinds of cool divine secrets. Jesus is the key to most of them. But he's also got some pretty nifty ideas for the future (spoiler alert: it's going to involve some sweet rewards).
  • And just who will reap these rewards? Why, the followers of Jesus, of course.
  • They were the first ones to hear Jesus' message and believe in the truth. Nice job, early Christians.
  • Okay, God is totally great, right? But the folks in Ephesus are pretty neat, too.
  • Paul's heard about all the amazing things they've done, and he hasn't stopped thanking God for putting such nice folks on Earth since. Not even for one second. Not even to take a quick pee. Yup. Paul's dedicated like that.
  • Paul's also been praying that the Christians in Ephesus keep expanding their horizons and getting to know God a little better every day. Hey, the more you know.
  • After all, God raised Jesus from the dead and then set all kinds of amazing things in motion.
  • Right now, Jesus is hanging up in Heaven with God and sitting at God's right hand (hmm… wonder what's wrong with the left-hand chair?). He also gets to rule over everyone and everything. Don't worry, though. Jesus would never let all that power go to his head.

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