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Ephesians and Colossians Ephesians: Chapter 3

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Ephesians: Chapter 3

Jailhouse Rock

  • Now Paul drops a little bombshell. He's in prison.
  • Yup. He's been locked up because he's been spreading the good word about Jesus to all the Gentiles…and some folks are not happy about it.
  • See, there's a mystery afoot. Don't call Sherlock Holmes quite yet, though. It's not that kind of mystery. It's something the world didn't know about God. He is sort of mysterious.
  • But Paul has cracked the case. He now knows that God always intended to bring the Gentiles into the fold. Good sleuthing.
  • How does Paul know this? God told him. Even though Paul was the lowliest of all the saints (and the most modest!) God entrusted him with the special mission of bringing Jesus to the Gentiles.
  • So, really, don't be too bummed that Paul's in prison, he says. It's all worth it because he's doing it in service to the Big Guy.

He Says a Little Prayer for You

  • On top of all this, Paul says a prayer for the Ephesians.
  • He hopes that God will strengthen them and that Jesus will be in their hearts every day.
  • Christians should be like plants with roots made of love. (Yep, love is a pretty big thing for Paul.)
  • That's because Jesus is so super loving. In fact, he loves them so much there's no way to really measure it. His love is longer and higher and deeper than anyone can even imagine.

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