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Ephesians and Colossians Ephesians: Chapter 6

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Ephesians: Chapter 6

Kids Today

  • Kids should also listen to their parents. It's right there in the 10 Commandments. No breaking curfew or sneaking out the window when you're supposed to be grounded.
  • But on the other hand, dads shouldn't abuse their power or try to purposely tick off their kids. They should be loving and understanding and help teach their little rugrats the proper way to behave.

Slaves for You

  • Same thing goes for slaves: obey your masters. Don't just follow orders when the master is watching, either. Do it all the time. Because God is always watching.
  • It might help to think of yourself as a slave for Jesus. Don't just listen and obey because some human master wants you to. Do it because God and Jesus want you to.
  • After all, God sees all the good things you're doing and he will reward you for not being rebellious and disobedient. So look for that.
  • Okay, but masters aren't totally off the hook either. Christian slave owners have an obligation to treat their human property decently. That means not threating them and stuff.
  • Masters need to remember that everyone on Earth is a slave to God. Even them. Everyone has God for a master.
  • As far as the Big Guy is concerned, there's no difference between slaves and their owners. They're all equal. In Heaven, of course. On Earth, folks should just still to their assigned roles.
  • …Status quo upheld.

Onward Christian Soldiers

  • In general, Christians should just be strong in their faith.
  • They need to put on (spiritual) armor to protect themselves from this crazy world and the devil who's running loose.
  • Christians don't have to worry so much about flesh and blood people messing with them. It's institutions—like rulers and authorities—who can move society in a bad direction. In an evil direction.
  • They need to put on armor so they can withstand the blows that are coming.
  • Fasten the belt of truth and sport a breastplate of righteous. Put on shoes of peace and take a shield of faith with you. Slap on a helmet of salvation and swing the sword of the Spirit at the bad guys. Oh, yeah. Now, you look like a proper (symbolic) solider.

So Long, Farewell

  • One thing that will help, too, is prayer.
  • Christians should pray for themselves and definitely pray for Paul. He needs those happy thoughts. He is in prison, after all.
  • And since it's tough for Paul to visit, he's sending along his friend, Tychicus, to give the Ephesians the full scoop on what's going on.
  • Finally, he's sending peace to all the faithful out there and wishing all good things for them. How nice.
  • And that's the end.

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