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Epistle to the Romans Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Hey, don't get Paul wrong. He really wants all the non-Christ loving Jews to be saved.
  • He knows that they really love God, they're just a tiny bit mixed up about a couple important things.
  • For example, Jews mainly focus on the saving power of Jewish law. They think living by the rules of the Torah is going to get them in good with God.
  • Wrong, Paul says. All that is over with. Christ is the law's end all be all. He's the fulfillment of everything it says, in fact. Game. Set. Match.
  • Now, all you have to do is say you believe in Jesus and then actually believe those words in your heart and you're golden. It's that simple.
  • See? There isn't really any difference between Jews and Gentiles. God will save them both… if they only call on him, maybe.
  • Okay, but the big problem is that you can't call on someone you don't believe in. We're guessing it's because you keep dialing the wrong number.
  • And why don't the Jews believe? Paul's glad you asked.
  • It's not because they haven't heard the good news. They have. People have been telling them all about it. Paul is one of them, in fact. No one's had much luck.
  • And now, because the Jewish people have turned their back on the good news, God is giving salvation away to the Gentiles.
  • Meanwhile, the non-believing Jews are being totally disobedient and rude. Come on, guys. Get with the program already.

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