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Epistle to the Romans Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Now that Paul's finished all that, he also has some ideas for Christians who really want to live in harmony with each other and be close to God.
  • Christians should give their whole being over to God so he can fill them up with everything that is good and wonderful and all around awesome in his eyes.They do not want to be doing what everyone else is doing (it's so conformist), but they want to be transformed into new people who can intimately know God. Sounds like a plan.
  • Some pointers to start: don't get cocky, keep a level head, and use common sense. Good ideas… we should be taking notes.
  • Paul says that Christians are like the different parts of the body. Every body part—arm, leg, toe, gall bladder—has a different function, but they all play an important role in keeping your body moving. We're starting to feel like we're in biology class.
  • Everyone has different gifts, too. Some people are good at predicting the future, some at ministering to others, some at teaching, some are generous, some are natural leaders, and some are just plain compassionate. All these gifts are important and a-okay with God.
  • Overall, Christians should do what's loving and give a big roundhouse kick to the face to everything that's evil. Figuratively, of course.
  • They should love each other a lot, serve God, be patient when bad things happen, welcome strangers who need their help, be kind to people who are out to get them, and basically live in harmony with everyone and everything. Oh, Lord, kumbaya.
  • As for people who tick you off, don't be filled with anger and vengeance.
  • Leave that up to God. After all, Paul quotes, "Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord."
  • You should even be cool to your enemies. If they need food, give it to them. If they're hungry, crack open an ice cold Coke and hand it over.
  • Really just kill them with kindness, Paul says. It's the only way that you might make them feel ashamed of what they're doing to you.
  • Basically, Paul sums all this up with a final piece of advice: don't get taken over by evil. Instead, take over the whole world with good. Totally.

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