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Epistle to the Romans Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • Okay, so it's cool to sin, right? After all, Jesus did die to erase our sins, so we can just let him work all that out after we get done coveting our neighbor's wife over here…
  • Um, no, Paul says (and probably rolls his eyes). Look, he explains, if you're baptized in Christ, then you're baptized in his death. Wait, what? Let's break it down: when you're baptized, you symbolically die and are reborn as a new person. That's because Jesus died and rose again. When you die, you leave all your sin behind. Now, you're fresh and new and super holy. Very nice.
  • But wait… you still might want to sin because people kind of love sinning.
  • Paul tells Christians that they need to keep presenting themselves as this new person. Don't go back to being the old person you were. Don't be a slave to sin. Free at last!
  • Okay, but since Jesus kind of does away with Jewish law and not everyone has to follow it, isn't sinning actually kind of fine? Come on, guys, Paul says. This time he's really rolling his eyes.You can only pick one—either you want to serve sin or serve God. You can't do both. Besides, what has sin ever gotten you? A nice car? A good job? A hot girlfriend?
  • Okay, but did sin ever get you eternal life with God? Didn't think so. Oh, friends, Paul says, "the wages of sin is death." Why work hard to earn death when God is giving out eternal life for free through Jesus? Act now… even though supplies are unlimited.

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