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Epistle to the Romans Community

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Communities are never nice, neat packages of getting along, are they? And that's been the case for millennia. In Romans, Paul makes it pretty clear that the community of Jews in his time found themselves in a bit of a messy situation. Not only is Paul struggling with his belief that the Jewish people are no longer in God's fold, but he's trying to get a bunch of Jewish and Gentile Christians to get along. And let's put it this way: it's no easy task.

Questions About Community

  1. According to Paul, who is part of God's community? The Gentiles? The Jewish people? The Christians?
  2. How does Paul think should Christians settle their difference in the community?
  3. In Romans, is there a clear difference between God's community and a more secular community?
  4. Why is Paul writing to the Roman community? Why not people closer to home?

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