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Epistle to the Romans Humility

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God loves us. That's what Romans says, at least. So we should be shouting that from the mountaintops, right? Well, not exactly. Paul's really big on everyone acting very humble. Don't brag about the things you've got. Aside from being a rude thing to do, it makes it seem like you did something to earn these nice things. And that's just not the case, according to P Dawg. God's love? A clean slate when it comes to salvation? Yeah, you didn't do any of that. So keep the boasting to a minimum, okay?

Questions About Humility

  1. According to Paul, is being a bragger the worst quality a Christian can have?
  2. Why does Paul think pride such a bad thing?
  3. According to Paul, is it ever okay to boast? (We need to know so we can hang up our Perfect Attendance certificate without seeming full of ourselves.)

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