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Epistle to the Romans Love

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According to Paul's letter to the Romans, God's love is the bomb diggity. It's all-encompassing, never-ending, and enduring. In fact, he loves us so much that he'd let his son die for us. Yeah, he's pretty into us—but he still gets annoyed with his people sometimes. Maybe it was something they did? Oh, right. Turning their backs on Jesus. That is high on God's list of pet peeves and will get you cut off from the divine love pretty quickly.

Questions About Love

  1. Paul delves into a couple of metaphors to explain God's love. Which one is the most effective?
  2. Is God's love for his people conditional? Must they believe in him in order to win his love?
  3. Paul says love is the guideline for all Christian life. What does that mean in practice?

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