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Book of Exodus Stubbornness

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Exodus is one of the best commentaries ever written on the nature of human stubbornness. Seriously, show this one to your sister/dad/toddler/wife next time they just won't give in. People have been stubborn for millennia and Exodus is here to prove it.

First on the docket is Pharaoh. This guy just won't give in. But wait, isn't it God's influence that's making him act that way? So is God the stubborn one? And how about the Israelites? They refuse to follow God's instructions and can't seem to stop testing him.

Questions About Stubbornness

  1. Is Pharaoh guilty of being stubborn, or is it God's fault?
  2. How many of the Commandments make us think about stubbornness? Which ones?
  3. Why does Aaron lie about the golden calf? Is it a kind of stubbornness?
  4. Is God himself stubborn? If so, is stubbornness necessarily a bad thing? Would you want this guy as your boss?

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