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Book of Exodus The Covenant

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The Covenant

The covenant is more than just an agreement between God and the Israelites. It has its own quirks, subtleties, and super-weird moments. And in many ways, Exodus is the covenant book—It's the rules, the history, and the contract all wrapped up into one.

You probably remember Abraham's covenant with God from Genesis. Well, this is an extension of that—version 2.0. Have you ever heard people use the phrase "living constitution?" That's the idea here. The deeper you get into the Hebrew Bible, the more the terms of the covenant are changed depending on who's doing the dealing. In Exodus, freedom is part of the deal, and it's signed in blood.

Questions About The Covenant

  1. Why is blood involved in sealing the covenant? Can you think of other places in literature where blood is used in this way?
  2. Why is the covenant changed between the time of Abraham and the time of Moses? Couldn't they just have made a new one instead of building on the old one?
  3. What role do miracles play in the covenant? Do you need them, or are they just a cherry on top of the sundae?
  4. What is God's position in the covenant? What does he get out of the deal?

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