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Book of Exodus The Rise of Civilization

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The Rise of Civilization

The rise of civilization was all the rage in the ancient world. It was a problem and a benefit that people had to constantly deal with. In one sense, civilization gave average people access to goods, wealth, and opportunities that they would have never had before. On the other hand, cities became targets for armies seeking wealth, and enslavement was pretty much the norm.

In order for a civilization to survive, you need the rule of law, access to resources, and the labor to keep it all going. Sound familiar? Yep, that pretty much describes the state of Egypt when we come onto the scene in Exodus.

Questions About The Rise of Civilization

  1. Why are rivers so important for civilization's advances in Exodus? What's the difference between Egyptian river civilization and Israelite desert civilization?
  2. Do the laws of the Israelites apply to everyone universally, or just to the Israelites?
  3. What kinds of materials can the rise of civilization give the average person access to? What does Exodus tell us about desert materials versus urban materials?
  4. How do the Israelites react to the rise of civilizations? Do they get out of town just to escape, or are they intentionally trying to found something of their own?

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