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Ezra and Nehemiah Ezra Chapter 5: Prophetic Aid

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Ezra Chapter 5: Prophetic Aid

  • The prophets Zechariah and Haggai prophesy to the people of Judah, and, encouraged by the prophets, Zerubbabel and Jeshua start to rebuild the temple again. After all, lumber prices are going through the roof.
  • The governor of the province Beyond the River, Tattenai, a guy named Shether-bozenai, and their associates question the Israelites about who gave them permission to rebuild and who are the people who are rebuilding.
  • But God looks after the Jews, keeping his eye on their elders, who ignored this questioning.
  • Tattenai sends a letter to Darius, on behalf of himself and his associates.
  • He tells Darius that they all went to see the temple being constructed in Jerusalem.
  • They recounted their questions to the elders, who insisted that Cyrus gave them the order to rebuild the city and the temple.
  • The elders also explained how the governor appointed by Cyrus, Sheshbazzar, returned the temple vessels Nebuchadnezzar had stolen, and also laid foundations for a new temple, which they haven't yet been able to rebuild.
  • Tattenai asks Darius to check and make sure that Cyrus really made this decree about rebuilding the temple.

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