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Ezra and Nehemiah Nehemiah Chapter 1: Quest of the Cupbearer

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Nehemiah Chapter 1: Quest of the Cupbearer

  • This book begins by stating that it's the first person account of Nehemiah.
  • He says that he was living in the Persian capital, Susa.
  • His brother Hanani came to him, and Nehemiah asked him how the Jews who had left exile and returned to Jerusalem were doing.
  • Hanani explains that they're in trouble: Jerusalem's wall is broken down and its gates have been burned.
  • Nehemiah weeps, mourns, fasts, and prays for days.
  • He asks God to listen to his words, as he repents for his family and his nation's failure to keep God's commandments.
  • He admits that God told them all this would happen when he gave the law to Moses.
  • But he also promised that he'd gather them from exile if they managed to keep his commandments again.
  • Nehemiah asks God for success and mercy in the mission he's about to undertake.
  • He ends by noting that he was cupbearer to the King of Persia, at this time. This was a pretty important position, so he was really close with the king.

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