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Ezra and Nehemiah Nehemiah Chapter 11: List Fever

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Nehemiah Chapter 11: List Fever

  • The leaders of the people all live in Jerusalem, and the people themselves cast lots so that a tenth of them will end up living in Jerusalem. People who offer to go voluntarily (without casting lots) are blessed.
  • Kind of like when you voluntarily offer to check your carry-on baggage, Virgin America lets you board with Group 1.
  • Nehemiah lists the Benjaminites and Judahites who lead the province and live in Jerusalem. The leaders of the towns actually live in the towns.
  • He also lists the leaders of the priests and Levites, and also briefly mentions gatekeepers, singers, and important people like Pethahiah, a guy who helped the king in matters related to the people. Sort of an ombudsman.
  • Nehemiah concludes with another medium-longish list of all the places and villages where the people lived, including Ono—the valley of the artisans and rumored birthplace of Yoko.

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