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Ezra and Nehemiah Nehemiah Chapter 12: A List to End All Lists

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Nehemiah Chapter 12: A List to End All Lists

  • This chapter begins with another huge list: priests and Levites. It also lists a few gatekeepers at the end for good measure.
  • In this case, since it's just a list of names, it's impossible to summarize. Take our word for it.
  • Next, Nehemiah organizes the biggest bash of all: the dedication of the Temple.
  • The Levites come to Jerusalem and rejoice with singing, cymbals, harps, and lyres. The singers and Simon Cowell come from their villages as well.
  • The priests and Levites purify themselves, the people, the wall, and the gates.
  • Nehemiah—since the dude is inventing Excel spreadsheets—lists all the important people and various honchos who paraded into the city on this festive occasion.
  • Everyone offers sacrifice and rejoices: man, woman, and child. People can hear the celebration from far away.
  • Men are appointed to look after and keep track of the first fruits and tithes that are given to the priests and Levites. They perform the service of purification along with the singers and gatekeepers.
  • Just like in King David's day, the singers have a leader again, and they perform songs of praise for God.
  • The people give daily portions of food to the singers and gatekeepers and set aside the portion for the Levites, who then set aside the portion for the priests.

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