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Rebekah in Book of Genesis

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The Wind Beneath His Wings

Remember that mom who plotted murder for her daughter's spot on the cheerleading squad? Well, Rebekah eerily reminds us of her. This biblical lady finds her fulfillment by orchestrating the success of her favorite son, Jacob.

Rebekah and Isaac are married for twenty years with no offspring to show for it. Who do they think they are, Oprah and Stedman? Anyway, things change when Isaac approaches the deity's bench on Rebekah's behalf (25:21). His request is answered—and then some—because she conceives twins. These two boys can't even wait until they're born to start acting like the Corleone brothers.

That's right, these kids even fight in the womb. Rebekah's pregnancy is so tough that she takes her case to God. And what does she get? An oracle telling her that her younger son will rule the roost (25:23).

This is the beginning of a string of morally questionable actions on Rebekah's part. See, the number one son is born second (25:26), which, in Genesis, means losing out on the birthright (i.e., ten times the inheritance) and the blessing (Dad's Fed-Ex of the deity's good graces). To see Jacob on top, Rebekah is willing to lie, steal, and even be cursed (27:5-13).

So here's the question: are Rebekah's back-alley tactics wrong? Or is she just doing her best to make sure that God's promise comes true (25:23)?

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