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Book of Genesis Chapter 11:10-32

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Chapter 11:10-32

More Begats: From Shem to Abraham

  • Here's another list of begats in the same style of 5:3-32.
  • BTW, 5:3-32 records 10 generations between Adam and Noah, and likewise 11:10-32 records 10 generations between Noah and Abram. 
  • Both genealogies are a way of fast forwarding the narrative, first from the creation and its aftermath to Noah and the flood, and then from the flood and its aftermath to Abram (who will later be called Abraham).
  • With Abram, we leave the primordial history of the whole creation (all of humanity and civilization in general) and start the national history of Israel, which will continue to unfold throughout Genesis.
  • Abram, Sarai, and Lot set forth from Ur and settle with Abram's father in Haran.
  • The end of the begats is important in setting the stage for the beginning of Israel's national history. Bye-bye, big-picture story of creation and civilization; hello, zoomed-in story of Israel.

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