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Book of Genesis Chapter 42

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Chapter 42

Trip One: Brothers in Egypt

  • Remember that famine? Well, Jacob and his family feel it, too. Jacob sends his sons (Joseph's brothers) to Egypt for grain. 
  • He sends all of them except Benjamin, his youngest and Joseph's only full brother by Rachel. He doesn't want Benny to get hurt.
  • The brothers arrive in Egypt and bow down before Joseph. 
  • An alarm should be going off. It's telling you that Joseph's first dream is now fulfilled. Remember 37:6-7? Yeah, that happened. 
  • Joseph recognizes them (same old brothers) but they don't recognize the now-super-important Joseph. This means Joseph is about to have some fun. 
  • Joseph accuses them of being spies. To prove they're not, they may leave to get their youngest brother, but one of them will be imprisoned until they return. 
  • The brothers interpret this sentence as retribution for wronging Joseph. Hmmm, they're kind of right, aren't they?The irony is everywhere.
  • Joseph chains up Simeon. He's the deposit guaranteeing their return with little Ben. But before they go, Joseph slips the silver they used to pay for the grain into their baggage along with more grain and other supplies. This one's on Egypt.
  • The brothers travel back to their father and make their report to Jacob.
  • Then they all discover the silver in their bags.
  • Yikes! They're frightened. What a strange trip.
  • Still, Jacob refuses to send Benjamin. He doesn't want to lose him, too.

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