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Book of Genesis Chapter 45

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Chapter 45


  • Joseph finally outs himself. And his first question: is his father is still alive?
  • His brothers are totally dumbfounded and don't answer. We'd be a little shocked ourselves.
  • Joseph takes the chance to credit God with their survival from the famine. 
  • Think about what he's saying: the brothers may have been the ones who sold him into slavery, but God is the one who sent him down here to sustain them through the famine. Wait. Does that mean God's will is working through jealousy, deceit, and crime? Yowza.
  • Joseph instructs his brothers to tell his father that God made him lord of Egypt.
  • Cue big, sappy reunion scene.
  • The news of Joseph's little family reunion spreads to Pharaoh. Pharaoh tells Joseph to move his family to Egypt. Plus, Pharaoh himself will finance the move down. Nice deal. 
  • Joseph bestows gifts and fine clothes upon his brothers and gives more to Benjamin than the others.
  • Finally, they tell Jacob that Joseph is alive and—get this, pop—he's practically the king of Egypt.
  • Initially skeptical, Jacob finally exclaims with joy and wants to see Joseph. ASAP.

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