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Book of Genesis Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

Burial and Reconciliation

  • Break out the tissues. The family mourns Jacob's death, and Joseph orders his physicians to embalm Jacob. Yep, they're making him a mummy.
  • Joseph requests permission from Pharaoh to leave Egypt to bury his father in Canaan, and sure enough, they bury him according to his wishes in the cave at Machpelah.
  • The brothers ask for forgiveness. 
  • Joseph credits God with the good fortune that resulted from their devious action. Compare what he says here with what he says in 45:4-10. Now try to unpack the implications of that theology.
  • Everything is all good between Joseph and his brothers. Joseph will continue to take care of them. That's what fam is for.
  • Joseph dies, is turned into a mummy, and is placed in a coffin in Egypt.
  • And that, Shmoopers, is the end of the beginning.

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