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Book of Genesis Chapters 26-27

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Chapters 26-27

Identity Theft

  • Isaac's life is very similar to his father Abraham's. He, too, leaves Canaan to escape a famine, makes a covenant with God, tries to pull the sister-wife switch, gets super rich, cuts a deal with Abimelech, and argues over wells.
  • Fast forward. Isaac is old and his vision is going. He calls for Esau and wants to bless him after Esau hunts and grills up some meat for him.
  • Rebekah overhears the whole conversation and reports the details to Jacob. 
  • She urges Jacob to do it himself so that he might acquire the blessing. Isaac won't know the difference. He's blind. 
  • Scandalous!
  • She dresses Jacob up in his brother's clothes and puts some animal fur on his hands and back. Then she hands Jacob the food. 
  • Jacob goes to his old, near-sighted dad and commits what we would today call identity theft by pretending to be Esau. 
  • Isaac eats and downs some wine. Then Isaac kisses Jacob, and notices that he smells just like Esau (Jacob is wearing his clothes, after all).
  • Finally, Isaac gives Jacob his blessing.
  • Success.
  • Then tornado-like confusion ensues when Esau returns from his hunt. Isaac and Esau realize what Jacob did, and Esau's none too happy about it. 
  • Rebekah overhears Esau plotting to kill Jacob and tells Jacob to take off and go hang out with the extended family in Haran.

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