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Book of Genesis Infertility

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The women of Genesis need babies, and they need babies bad. Barrenness plagues Sarah, Rachel, and Rebekah—and a matriarch without kids just ain't gonna fly. Fortunately for these ladies, God usually intervenes. You might remember that, more than once, God promises numerous offspring to Abraham and his descendants. And with all this barrenness, it just won't happen. So God steps in, once again taking care of another pesky human obstacle to the divine will.

Questions About Infertility

  1. What options do women have if they are unable to produce children?
  2. What is the attitude toward women who are unable to bear children? Who's behind this attitude? Men? Women? Or both?
  3. What is the role of the deity in regards to barrenness? Does he cause it? Cure it? Both?
  4. How does surrogacy work? What problems does it pose? What are the differences between surrogacy as it is practiced in Genesis and as it is practiced in the contemporary world?

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