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Hebrews Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Jesus Rules and Angels Drool

  • A long time ago, in a biblical land far, far away, God spoke to the Jewish people and told them all about himself. As you might imagine, the story was pretty epic.
  • Lately though, says Hebrews, God's tale has taken a little twist: now he has a son.
    God's son is pretty epic, too. He's God's heir and he helped co-create the world. He's also exactly like his dad in every way and he keeps the world running with his mighty words. Not bad for a kid.
  • This son did some pretty awesome work on Earth. His death wiped away all sin, and afterwards, he got to kick it up in Heaven at the right hand of his dad. In other words, he's got a really sweet seat.
  • He's even superior to the angels. Huh? Superior to the celestial beings who float around in the presence of the Almighty all day and night? Yep.
  • After all, did God ever say to one of the angels, "Hey, there sonny boy," or "I am your father"? Nope.
  • On the contrary, when God brought his firstborn son into the world, he told the angels to bow down and worship him. That's right, angels.
  • Get with the groveling.
  • Hebrews continues: God's son rules over the entire world now and forever. Everything in the world will die one day, but the son is just gonna hang around forever and ever. Seriously, did God ever take an angel aside and tell it to sit itself down next to him so he could make its enemies into an ottoman for the angel to rest its tired little tootsies on? Nope.
  • God created the son to rule and the angels to serve. Hmmm…now we're starting to see why Lucifer got angry.

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