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Hebrews Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Don't Be Like the Israelites

  • So, Jesus has a lot going for him. He's an apostle. A high priest. A super faithful guy. He's just like Moses.
  • Oh, except way better.
  • See, Moses was a good and faithful servant to God. But Jesus? Well, he's God's son. And if you ask the master of the house who he likes better—the guy who works for him or his own son—you can probably guess who he's gonna pick.
  • That means that people need to stay on the Jesus train. If they hear God speaking to them about Jesus, they might want to clean the wax out of their ears because that's important info right there.
  • If you remember way back in Numbers, the Israelites were on their way to the Promised Land and they started doubting God.
  • The Almighty got a little mad a forced them to wander around in the desert for forty years until the older generation died off. Um…couldn't they have stopped and asked for directions?
  • Anyway, just take it as a warning, says Hebrews. Don't lose faith in God because the Big Guy is really into this whole tough love thing.
  • More advice from Hebrews: help other Christians stay faithful, too, so that you don't all start sinning up a storm. Christians are Jesus' partners in this thing called life and you definitely want to keep it that way.

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