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Book of Isaiah Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Cocky Trees

  • But Israel is going to escape from all this destruction in the end. Instead of getting destroyed, they'll end up having aliens from other lands flee to their country.
  • Israel will then be able to rule over all the nations, like "male and female slaves in the Lord's hand." Israel will take its former masters captive.
  • When God lets Israel rest from its tribulations, they will be able to taunt Babylon.
  • They will be able to chide Babylon for getting destroyed when it had previously oppressed them.
  • God will turn the tables on Babylon, fiercely persecuting them.
  • The whole world will be at peace and sing, now that Babylon has fallen. Even the trees will mock Babylon, saying that no one can come to chop them down now.
  • All of the dead kings from the underworld, Sheol, will rise up to meet the dead Babylonians who are coming down to join them, saying that the Babylonians have become just like them.
  • Maggots and worms will be like their bed and their blankets and covers (cue up the Bed, Bath, and Beyond-themed joke).

Hedgehogs Rule… Human Beings Drool

  • Mocking the King of Babylon—here called the Day Star (later interpreted as being Satan)—people will be able to marvel at how he's been cut down.
  • The Day Star had said that he would ascend up to heaven and try to conquer God himself. Instead, he finds himself sent down to Sheol.
  • People will ask if this is the same person who had once lorded it over everyone else and taken so many prisoners.
  • While all the other kings of the past lie in glorious tombs, the King of Babylon's corpse will be thrown out like carrion and left for wild animals to eat, with other corpses piled on top of him. This is punishment for having destroyed his own land and people, and for having been so unjust.
  • The sons of the king will be killed for his sins, too, so that they can never launch a similar reign of terror. (The speech Israel can make mocking Babylon and its king ends right here.)
  • After God has destroyed Babylon, he'll let it fall into ruins and pools of water, and hedgehogs will take over… (yeah!). God's going to give it a good sweep with the "broom of destruction" (brought to you by Swiffer).

Cobra Force

  • Next, God mentions that the Assyrians are going to get it too. As he says he has planned beforehand, he'll trample them underfoot. The Assyrians will no longer wield power over Israel.
  • God says that this is his plan, his hand is stretched out to fulfill it, and no one's going to turn it back.
  • Also, another prophecy from God threatens the Philistines too. Although he says the power that destroyed them (Israel) is broken for now, in the future "from the root of the snake" (meaning of the power of Israel, which had been broken), a "flying fiery serpent" will come out. The poor and needy will have comfort, but the Philistines will get killed.
  • He says that the smoke of the fire will come out of the north, and no straggler will survive to escape from it.
  • The needy of Israel and Judah will find final refuge in Zion.

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